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We are a Professional Drywall and Painting Service with a team of highly experienced Sheetrock installation experts. Your guaranteed to find yourself working with fully trained, experienced and qualified contractors ready to go the extra mile to ensure full satisfaction for our customers and clients. Call us today, and we will transport, repair, install, paint and texture your drywall project’s.
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We have completed many projects through out the Detroit and surrounding cities and suburbs such as Troy, Ann Arbor, Berlin Charter and more for the past 10 years.

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We will not only deliver the gypsum sheets, but we are going to place the materials within your buildings project. We will save you time and money doing so. You do not need to drive all over town looking for the right quality products. We carry and stock the products approved and suggested. Our skilled employees with decades of experience can facilitate your drywall needs from early framing stages to the completion of the project. We make sure the products used on the project are correct, and according to the manufacturer specifications.
We are going to order the drywall in advance, however, the drywall should delivered to the work site and set indoors or properly covered so its not exposed to outdoor weather.


As a part of our long-term commitment to achieve excellent customer service, We are humbly dedicated to providing efficient, accurate, and timely home deliveries. We make every effort to safeguard your materials from environmental elements and different hazards, and we pledge to leave the site cleaned of any debris that may have left our containment.

Drywall Hanging

​We offer residential and commercial drywall hanging services for remodeling and new construction, commercial and residential. With dozens of professional references and 50 years of customer service experience, we will go beyond sheet rock installation needs.We will be able to hang your drywall without the appearance of seams between the panels, obvious fasteners or other tools that help keep the drywall into place. One of our main goals is to achieve even flat walls once all of the drywall has been hung perfectly.

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​Many homeowners homeowners can YouTube how to hang Sheetrock by themselves. But when comes to taping and finishing, most feel less courageous. Taping Drywall or Sheetrock at home can be a tedious and time consuming task. The main problem that a homeowner is facing when taping drywall is a lack of experience. Our skilled tapers have been doing this for so long your best bet is to leave it for a professional. However, drywall taping is not only about smoothly putting on and spreading compound. A skilled taper can hide a lot of mistakes left behind by drywall installers and framers. Nonetheless, a bad taping job can cause trouble for painters and trim.


Texturing can be a good way to make drywall more extremely appealing and cover up minor imperfections. There are some texturing techniques that could make the drywall less or more subtle. Even if drywall texturing can be done as a DIY project, it is very crucial to hire skilled contractors since this job can be messy and the professionals have the tools designed specifically for drywall texturing. The texture is done using brushes and tools to create leveled designs on wet drywall mud, which is sealed and painted over.  This can easily give the entire room a more personal aesthetic. Once the texture has been created into the wet mixture, it must completely dry and be sealed before adding a primer and paint over it. If the paint is added on a textured wall without a sealant or primer, it will likely result in an uneven finish.

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